Friday, February 17, 2012

fRecipe fRiday!!!

For Caleb and me, this week was Valentine’s week.  Every day I got or did or made food for Caleb.  There were heart-shaped cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, red velvet-chocolate chip cookies, notes, the movie Drive, blah blah blah.  Today, I made his favorite once-every-blue-moon meal:


This is way too easy. Buy a loaf of Hawaiian bread.


Then, using a bread knife, cut a circle in the top.  Leaving about an inch of bread on the perimeters, cut a cavern into the loaf.



Cover the insides with olive oil (just to seal the bread so that when you pour in the stew it doesn’t automatically seep into the bread.)  Stick the loaf in the oven on a cookie sheet on about 375 degrees for 10-20 minutes.  It’s up to you when the outside of the loaf is too brown.

Finally, cook your choice of beef stew and pour into the bread bowl.


We just ate this, and Caleb thoroughly demolished over 3/4s of it.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Aunt-T (Because It Sounds Like Auntie!)

Oh my goodness, have I got news for you.

I’m going to be an aunt!!!  My brother and sister are going to be parents!!!  Which is slightly weird, but exciting nonetheless!

IMG_8551(You see, they’re very cute, so there should be a very cute baby coming along too!)

When my brother first told me, I’m pretty sure my face was like this:

120206-182632 I don’t think I gave the appropriate reaction for just finding out that they were having a baby.  But as we sat and ate lunch it finally hit me, and my face changed to look more like these:

120206-182716 120206-184250 120206-182659 120206-182733  

You might think I’m kidding, and you’d be wrong.  I’ve already made a board on Pinterest for that future baby, whether it be niece or nephew.  Do-it-yourself burp cloths, pacifier holders, mustache pacifiers, salt dough recipes, and on and on.  I’ve already bought that kid a onesie that I intend to decorate Hog-style.  I am so ready.

In other news, the RFC group did a sort-of banquet thing where people got to dress up with a masquerade theme!  I thoroughly enjoyed getting to look all fancy.

IMG_9318 IMG_9300