Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Photography Challenge Week 12 || Art...Again!

For my birthday, my family and I (and even a few friends from back home) went to the art museum to see the new exhibit--Van Gogh to Rothko. I was super pumped to finally see a Van Gogh painting in person (I can cross that off my list, but I still want to see more.)

We also walked through the permanent collection, which had a few new things since I'd last been.

Without further ado...the art that I fell for:

It's an Emily Dickinson poem, guys!

I loved a lot of art, and I intend to love a lot more of art til I can't see anymore.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Photography Challenge Week 11 || Portraits

After practicing with RAW photos, reflectors, and editing, it was finally time to put my newly acquired skills to use. Enter a friend of mine, who needed photos done for graduation invitations. His girlfriend came along as well, which made for even prettier pictures! It was kind of really fun to take pictures of people.

I like a good laugh.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Photography Challenge Week 10 || Fabric

As I type this, I am way more excited about next week's photo challenge, where I actually take some photos of people! However, this week's photos were nice and simple for me, and didn't leave me thinking, "Oh no, tomorrow I need to blog, what do I take pictures of?!" I've been working on a jelly roll race quilt, and the piles of fabric looked so pretty that I couldn't help but take pictures of it.

The giant stack of 40 rolls of 42-inch strips of fabric! It looks less intimidating here than in person.

One of my favorite strips.
It's been a calm week, and I'm not complaining about that one bit.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Photography Challenge Week 9 || Reflectors

Well, I broke down and finally bought a reflector set for portraits. (Psst...someone-who isn't related to me-wants me to take a few portraits of them and I'm really excited!)

Turns out, 42 inches of reflector is a lot bigger than I expected, but it's not that big of a problem when I see the results that using a reflector produces! This week I thought I'd check out what difference the reflectors made. The answer: A big one.

Before (no reflector):

After (with reflector):

It's not just me, right? I edited the photos the same way so I'd be sure. That reflector is on my love-it list now.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Photography Challenge Week 8 || Retreat

Let me explain. This past weekend I went to the church's Ladies' Retreat in Branson. I was originally going to stay just Friday night, but then as we arrived to the resort...it snowed. And then it didn't stop snowing until Saturday night. It was okay that I had to spend an extra night, though, because the scenery in the Branson mountains, when snowed on, is beautiful.

Unfortunately, being mountains and snow and ice, I didn't get to trek around as much as I wanted. I still got a few shots though!  Here's just a little peek into my weekend.