Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Year of New Experiences : 2014

It was one of those years that I'm pretty sure is a mile marker in my life, like I've transitioned from kid-hood to adulthood in just a summer. The year went by a lot faster than I intended it to, but that's to be expected.

I hit a lot of firsts/big moments in my life, therefore all "big moments" and "firsts" will henceforth be labeled as "New Experiences" or "N.E." due to the nature of this post so shhhh don't try to scrutinize too much.

My other stipulation is this: Don't look through here and think, "Oh my gosh, you'd never done/seen/gone there before?" Because what is the fun of going through life if you've already done everything?

New experience #1:
My niece's first birthday! It was a real rager, guys, as you can tell by her wicked "party over here" dance moves.

N.E. #2:
I rode on a sled for the first time. Really, it was the first time. It's a lot more hilly (and snowy) up north than down south.

N.E. #3:
My siblings and I rode this thing at a playground and it was awful, unless you are my sister-in-law, in which case it just makes you look like a super-model.

N.E. #4:
Went to my last college sporting event as a student.
(Photo stolen from Mal's instagram)
N.E. #5:
I made videos with friends for our campus ministry variety show. Not good ones. But videos.

N.E. #6:
I graduated from college. Yay/boo.

N.E. #7:
Then...I got married.
Bachelorette Party (at the arcade)
Jumping in heels is easy at this point.

N.E. #8:
I went to Disney World for the first time ever and it was AMAZING. After so many years of dreaming of the day we'd ride off on his magic carpet together, I finally got to meet Aladdin. And Gaston. And every Disney character ever. And we saw the big castle. And we ate in the Beast's Castle. And I met the Beast! And if you can't tell I'm excited then let me make it clear: I was SO EXCITED.

N.E. #9:
I saw the ocean. It was bigger, wider, scarier, saltier, and more gorgeous than I'd ever imagined. I even got in the ocean. We got up at 5:30 a.m. to watch the sun rise over the edge of the water and saw distant storms and pelicans. All my life, I wanted to see the ocean and it finally happened.
Proof that I actually got in the ocean. (I'm a tad aquaphobic, you see, so this is a big deal for me. I did not go in farther.)

N.E. #10:
We went to the Halloween viewing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show dressed as Brad and Janet. It do you say...not what Caleb expected at all.
People even asked to get pictures with us.
N.E. #11&12:
I've begun taking photos in hopes of building up a portfolio for my goal of kicking off my photography business next year! As a double whammy, (pun is totally intended and you'll understand why) my siblings are having twins!

So there we have it. My biggest year yet.