Thursday, August 21, 2014

Top 5 College Moments That Made Me Question My Sanity

In honor of school starting up again and me not going back, I thought I'd recount some of my most harrowing, important, insane, and horrifying episodes from my college days. Just kidding, it's just a list of stuff that I remember the best.

5. That time I ordered a pizza slice from Sbarro in the mall and they handed it to me and there was a dead fly baked on top of the cheese.

4. Getting trapped in an elevator in my dorm the week before school even started. I have always been scared of elevators and getting trapped in them and falling to my death, and my family and friends would always tell me it'd be okay. And then my worst fear was realized, nearly eight floors up.

3. When my own fiance ran into the back of my truck with his truck and I was contacted by every single law agency in the state wanting to help me sue him. (Except for Peter Miller. What the heck, Miller. I always thought the man with the smile was the way to go, but I guess I was super wrong.) (Also I didn't want to sue Caleb. So it wouldn't have mattered anyway.)

2. There were two major ice storms during my four-year stay at college, which knocked out a combined total of at least 20 school days for me. It was awesome/awful. I hated being cooped up so much, but I really enjoyed getting to know my senior-year roommates better! See that post here. The worst moment was trying to drive on the ice on the hill beside our house and promptly sliding sideways down it into a sidewalk. All so we could go see Frozen in theaters. Har de har, weather, real funny.

1. Oh no big deal, just that time when I met a guy, dated a guy, started to really love a guy, got engaged to a guy, and then got married to that same guy all in the same four years I went to college. That's a pretty important/insane set of events that happened. (I tricked you, I made a slightly funny post into a sappy post, bet you didn't see that coming.)

My time at college was pretty great. I mean, college makes you grow up and figure out who you are without tossing you out on your butt into the real world first. Which is a very nice thing for college to do for you. Making it through all four years might have been the hardest thing I've ever done (I really didn't like school and had very little motivation, plus I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do with my life.) But making it through all four years was also one of the best things I've ever done.

To all you college freshmen/seniors/whatevers out there, I encourage you to do the same. Make memories, stay up late, do your homework, and most importantly, persevere. You can do it.