Thursday, December 31, 2015

Photography Challenge Week 52 || Extremely Mobile Toddlers

We didn't get to do our big family Christmas until this week, and it was something else to hold/handle/watch/wrangle three super-movers under three years old. This year my oldest niece really got the hang of opening presents. For her gift this year, I made her two Frozen-inspired dress-up aprons. And she (seemed to, at least) LOVED it. Once she understood that you could pretend to be Anna or Elsa, she really got into it.

At one point, she had Uncle Caleb put the Elsa apron on her. He said, "Would you like to prepare for the ball, Queen Elsa?" and Rana said yes. Then he asked her if she would like to invite Auntie. She said yes again, and headed over to me.

"Auntie, would you like to basketball?"

Her dad was proud.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Photography Challenge Week 51 || Wedding at Fairlane Station

This Sunday I had the opportunity to shoot my first wedding, and it was surprisingly not as scary as I had originally thought! It was time-consuming, as any wedding is, but once I started shooting the time flew by. Suddenly we had been there six hours and didn't even realize it. Not only that, but the bride was so sweet that it felt like I was shooting the wedding with friends.

The wedding was at Fairlane Station in Springdale, a cute little venue right next to the train station, which made for some fantastic photos. In a few weeks, when all the photos are edited, I will do a bigger blog with a lot of photos so you can see more of my work!

Also, things to look out for in 2016: a new website for my photography! Things are getting real!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Photography Challenge Week 50 || Friends and Christmas

Wow how did I make it to week 50 already?! This past week a friend and I went out to visit my sister-in-law in Oklahoma, and we knew before we left we had to at least take one Christmas photo of us. It was late and we were sleepy, but we got it done.

 There we are, in all our pre-Christmas glory.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Photography Challenge Week 49 || More showers

With the impending family wedding, there are showers abounding. So, yet again, here is a shower shot. I liked this one a lot because of the hand positioning. It's delicate.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Photography Challenge Week 48 || Tidbits

Most of this week I edited photos instead of actually taking them. I also did a little birding (I'm at 93/100 as of right now! Only seven more birds to see!) Aaaand I did a little prepping for the business. Pretty hectic but exciting all at once. So, with my sweet little phone, I took a few photos of tidbits of my life.
A dock on the lake where I picked up two new birds: Winter Wren and Hermit Thrush.

A little piece of my Christmas decorations.

Taking care of a family dog, watching football diligently.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Photography Challenge Week 47 || Family

Boy, does Caleb have a big family. I only had one brother growing up, so adjusting to holidays with all of his siblings has been entertaining to say the least. Over Thanksgiving I had the chance to take some family photos, so without further ado, the photos: