Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Surprise! Engagement. (Well, a month ago)

Well, my dear few readers, I think I have neglected to tell you something pretty important.

I'm engaged.

Is that not crazy? Most of you probably already know this, as it happened over a month ago, but I thought I'd give it a bloggy whirl anyway.

So there we were, just on a normal day date. Mr. Caleb suggested we go shopping and that he buy me a new outfit. How could I refuse that? He found me a dazzler, a white dress with blue and green flowers on it. He even got himself a new shirt, and we were going to put them on for the second half of the date.

After the shopping, we went to our favorite arcade and goofed off for an hour before he dropped me off at my house to get ready. I put on my fancy new dress and some makeup (in case we took any pictures, I wanted to pop, of course.)

He picked me up and we ate at Colton's, where I got treated to some fantastic sirloin. While we dined, however, Caleb's friend called. That should have been the red flag. His friend apparently said that he wanted Caleb to hang out later that week. In reality, he told Caleb the original location for his proposal was unavailable due to a concert.

So Caleb told me that we were early for the last part of the date, so why not go to Walmart and print out some pictures from our adventure the day before? (See below)

The friend called again, this time apparently saying he needed Caleb to bring ice cream. In reality, telling him he had secured a different park for his proposal.

We were supposedly still early for the last part of the date, so Caleb thought he'd take me to Wilson Park, AKA Fairy Park, where there is a castle and pretty trees. Whenever we got there, though, I started feeling nervous and reaaaally needed to use the bathroom. I hopped out of his truck and asked him if it'd be cool if I just went right through the bushes to where I knew the bathrooms were. He kinda flinched and told me to sit at a picnic table.

I complied with a sloshy bladder.

He came and sat next to me with the pictures we had printed and said that he thought we would just look at them.

His hands were about as shaky as this fish:
At one point, he just shoved them over to me and said, "Here you read this!" and I saw that there were notes at the back of the pictures. They read that Caleb and I always had great times together, by random occurrence most of the time. The next notes said,

"Will you"
"Please look up. I'm trying to propose here!"
I looked over and there he was, on one knee, asking me to marry him. Of course I was crying and of course I said yes.

And of course Caleb was magnificent and had his friend's wife (who is also my friend/former roommate) hiding - in those pesky bushes that I wasn't allowed to go through to get to the bathrooms, I might add - and taking pictures of it all.

He's a keeper.