Saturday, March 16, 2013

Oh the places you'll go: Art Museum

I got to go on a cool date with a cool guy Friday. We spent an afternoon classin' it up at the art museum nearby. A Norman Rockwell exhibit was there, and it was so NEAT to see all those different brush strokes and thicknesses that he put there himself so many years ago. I was nerdy for that stuff during the afternoon, and Caleb kept asking me, "What do you keep looking at?"

It was his first ever experience at an art museum, and I may have ruined it for him by spending three hours perusing the works. Caleb did pick out one painting he decided he wanted to buy for his future home; here it is, a fine piece by Alexander Pope:

Guns and birds, the way to get a country man into art.
I found my own favorite pieces as well, not necessarily because of the artist or quality, mainly because they were the most "interesting" or, well, humorous pieces to me.

I don't remember its title, but we'll call it the Grapes of Wrath.

Because everyone needs a cool bear killing everything painting over their sofa to impress guests.
Then there were a few that we just had fun with:

A red lens, it was like instagram in a circle and not on a phone.

I liked red circles a lot today I guess. Here's me holding one.

Andy Warhol and his viewers. I reaaaaaally like this photo.
Then we went through the grounds and found quite a few sculptures. We were more interested in the fish trying to swim upstream and jump over a small metal dam setup, honestly. They made funny noises.

I love art museums. They just make me happy, and they make me want to paint, because seriously, once you get into the moderm section you really start to think, "I can do that..." Just need to become famous first.