Friday, September 30, 2011

fRecipe fRiday!

Last night the lovely ladies of the RFC got dolled up and had a progressive dinner. I (plus my dear roommate) and two other girls live in the same apartment complex, so for each portion of dinner, we skipped to each person's apartment and ate. I was in charge of the dessert.

Before I tell you how to make what I made...let me show you what the other ladies made.

Fruit Salsa and cinnamon tortillas...oh it was so good.

Loads and loads of pasta.

Now onto dessert...


First, I need to explain that I had a terrible experience with this one. I overheated the blender...had to mix everything by hand...the list goes on. But they turned out better than expected for all of the hardship! I'm sure that if they were made perfectly they would be, well, perfect.

Start by making sugar cookies, just like normal. You can use just a bagged mix from the store of around 16-17 oz. Bake them until they are crispy, then let them cool for a while.

Once the cookies are cool, use a food processor to chop them up into fine crumbs. This is the point where I started having to switch to hand mode. However, once the cookies are quite fine, add 3 tablespoons of cream cheese into the processor until the mixture begins to stick together.

Now you can roll 1 inch balls of your mixture and set them on/in something. I used aluminum foil. Pop them in the freezer for about 15-20 minutes.

Here's the semi-fun part. Once you take the balls out of the freezer, get out a bowl and melt one cup of white chocolate chips and one tablespoon of shortening in the microwave 30 seconds at a time (It should only take 2 sets of these.) After each time, stir the mixture until smooth.

Dip each ball into the white chocolate and place back on aluminum foil. Before the chocolate hardens, sprinkle on some colored sprinkles to make them look pretty! (You didn't think you'd get out of here without sprinkling something, did you?)

TADA! I could only eat one in a sitting because they are soooo rich.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Oh, my day? I'll tell you about my day.

Yesterday was insane, and I don't even have a picture to prove it.

I began my day forgetting homework, my USB drive, and having to retype some papers. Not too hot of a start.

And then...I went shopping with two of my gal pals. We apparently picked the perfect day too, because there was a one-day-only sale--40% off reduced prices (which were already 60% off!) Needless to say, we bought lots of clothes. I got a dress for the RFC spring banquet for a whopping $15, and altogether, I saved $147. We were quite proud of ourselves.

While we were checking out, we heard some loud crashing behind us. The cashier looked up and said, "Oh my gosh."

We were witnessing a robbery.

A man (with saggy pants) was running through the ladies' department (holding up the aforementioned saggy pants with one hand) with two bulky men chasing after him. Word in the store is that he had a gun, too. After staring in shock at the scene, we saw the man run out of the doors, followed by some more crashing. The cashiers (eventually) checked us out, and we left the mall. We were scared silly, thinking someone would kill us as we exited through the same doors as the robber.

Later that night, I and my Baggo-buddy had another Baggo game, with another win and another loss. (Guess how we won.)

Alright, since I didn't have pictures of the robbery, shopping, or missing homework--by the way, I JUST found my USB drive--here are some other random pictures from the week!

Here's some of my favorite ladies watching their boyfriends play...and coach...intramural football! (The two girls to my side were the ones with me during the robbery.)
This is what I look like when I laugh.

Monday, September 26, 2011

How about a funny story?

Oh it's a good one-a story about how two people think they can do something but really can't.

Look at my friend Tyler and me. Don't we look nice?

Once upon a time, we thought it would be fun to sign up for Intramural Competitive Baggo-Cornhole-Beanbags. Doesn't it sound like fun? All you have to do is stand across from a hole and throw a beanbag in. So easy.


Baggo apparently requires more skill than I will ever have. I was absolutely horrendous at this game, only landing one in about 24 shots in the hole.

You may be wondering about our interesting outfits. Well, when we were deciding to sign up for baggo, we joked around and said, "Oh we could get matching outfits and sweatbands. We could dress like we're from the 80s!" My brother threw in a, "Team Richard Simmons!" which led to our team name being just that...Team Richard Simmons.

We went to the thrift store and cut up super large shirts to make our outfits. And they look good, do they not? My teammate had a pair of shorty shorts under his sweatpants, so I promise that the Richard Simmons look was complete. It was just that no one got to see those shorts due to us deciding that maybe we did want to look halfway normal around all the other baggo players.

We won our first game.

We lost our second.

Did I mention we won the first game because the other team didn't show up? Maybe we should practice...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

fRecipe fRiday! (Even if it is a day late!)

Yesterday my boyfriend had an interview, for which he had to get really dressed up. So we decided to have a ritzy night in, where I would also get dressed up, and we'd make good food. His specialty is Parmesan chicken...and it is always delicious. I tried making...


Not only was it really good, but you didn't have to mix a single thing. Just keep dropping stuff in a muffin tin!

First, scoop half a teaspoon of butter into each section of the muffin tin.

Add around a half a teaspoon of sugar.

Sprinkle some cinnamon on top. (If you can't tell, I LOVE sprinkling cinnamon on things.)

I had some leftover biscuit dough from Wal-Mart (any biscuit dough, whether homemade or store-bought, will do) that I rolled into little balls. Three of those little balls went into one section.

Then...just do it all over again, except without the dough!

Bake on 350 degrees for around 10 minutes, but watch for the biscuits turning brown. Once they get a lovely golden brown color, take them out.

They were wonderful! It was like eating cinnamon rolls, but maybe less healthy!

I wanted to show off my socks and heels. I think it could be a new trend.

Friday, September 16, 2011

fRecipe fRiday!

I have decided to (try) to start working on new recipes every week, and then blogging about them. Today, I shall let you in on my concoction of last night, what I like to call


First, you gotta have crescent rolls.
And then...spread on some peanut butter.Sprinkle on the mini chocolate chips!!!Continue sprinkling, except this time with cinnamon.Roll them up.Bake for 10-15 minutes, or until tan.Then...EAT THEM!
Yes, I know this recipe is waaaay too easy to sound cool, but it was delicious.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Leftover Things I Have Neglected to Mention

I just realized that I left a whole section of my life uncovered. All the small things! All the batches of 3-4 hours of my life that I spend with cool people outside of class!

The ladies of the RFC had a bread baking night. While we baked bread, the menfolk stayed upstairs at the student center and played video games. When we were done, the guys came down and ate almost everything we had made. And let me tell you, that bread was delicious. I need that recipe. And if you have a good bread recipe...please tell me!

Want to know how much bread one recipe made? One massive braided loaf, (at least 18 inches long, if not longer) over 24 rolls, and each letter of my name (which is only six letters, but still. The best part of baking bread is punching it...or as most people say...kneading it.

I went on a day date with my lovely roommate/sister friend, Kelsy. Our first order of business was to take pictures of ourselves (like any normal girl.) After succeeding at that, we found the letters of our names in the downtown alleys and the mall. We intend to make banners of our names with those pictures.

One night, Kelsy and I picked up one of our little sisters (the RFC ladies are doing a big/little sister program!) and had a late-night bowling adventure. It consisted of a Sonic run, being (almost) the only people left in the bowling alley, bad scores, fantastic made-up names, and country music videos. A lot for one night, right? But it was so much fun!

Then...a group of my friends went to see a comedian from Saturday Night Live on campus...and then we got to meet him!! All in all, a really winning couple of weeks.
Then I just have to share one of my favorite pictures of the past week. Really, it's tops.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Football Season

As if you didn't know, it's that magical time of year again. It's cooling down, it smells great outside, and folks are lining up down the stadium drives to get into football games.

We really get in to it up here. And when I say "we," not only do I mean the whole campus, town, and state, I mean my brother and I. Here's a sample of our day Saturday:

Wake up-6:30
Brother picks me up-7:00
Find a good, free, parking spot on campus-7:15
Walk to the campus ministry house to chill-7:30
Eat breakfast-8:00
Watch videos on Youtube of past football games, highlights, the fight song, other cheers, more football games, and the epic conclusion to our last home game of last year-8:00-11:00

By that time, another friend had joined us in our maniacal display of school spirit, and we decided that at 11:00, it was a good time to head down to the stadium to get in line. So we walk and walk and walk, and wouldn't you know it, there were only 5 other people in line. (Albeit they were all saving places for around 10 other people each.)

At 2:00, most everyone from the group we would sit with had shown up. That meant that at that time, the girls began painting the guys. Yes, we had enough guys to spell out our mascot! At 4, we finally got let into the stadium.

Let me make a brief side-note of how my family has the worst luck. My ID decided that it did not want me to go in that gate, and instead, I had to wait for 10 minutes as a lady and a cop wrote down my information and teased me (respectively.) I was finally allowed in, where I found that free sunglasses were being given out. So I grabbed a pair and ran. Fortunately, the group I was going to sit with was on the 5th row. We had great seats.

The game went fairly well, and we beat our non-conference competition 51-7. I love football, but I must let you in on something else super cool! One of my friends is a drum major for the marching band here!

There he is!! The twirlers are presenting him to you.

It was a fun day, lasting from 7 to 11 or so! My legs were sore for a few days...but it was worth it!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Birfday boy

Look at that cutie :)

Twenty-one years ago today, my boyfriend was born.

One year ago today, when we weren't dating and I didn't know him quite as well, I wrote on his facebook wall:

"Happy birfday! Want a cake?"

Later, I asked him in person what kind of cake he would like. He said, "You were being serious?" So I told him, "I'm always serious when it comes to baked goods."

I guess he found humor in that and decided to accept my offer. We planned out when he wanted it and what cake he wanted (yellow, with chocolate icing. He went easy on me.)

So, one night at the campus ministry house, we set to baking the cake. While it was cooling, a load of people came. Not for the cake; it smelled good but not that good. It turned out that a small group devo was meeting that night. We decided to join in while we waited for the cake to cool.

Afterwards, we iced and decorated the cake. I, being the (for the most part) non-wasteful person that I am, made sure to use every single letter in the "happy birthday" package of candy letters from Wal-Mart. People from the small group stayed and enjoyed cake with us. Which was good, because my boyfriend and I have tiny stomachs.

Looking back, I never would have thought that that night would be such a fun memory, let alone have happened at all! But I'm sure glad it did.