Friday, February 15, 2013

Rana Joy.

After a very stressful, worrisome week of my sister-in-law being in the hospital, the Tumlison family welcomed in a new member.

Rana Joy was born seven weeks early. Although with our luck, we shouldn't have expected everything to go "normally" anyway.

I got to meet Rana eight hours after she was born. She was red, warm, and a lot prettier than the picture my brother showed me from right after she was born. My brother sang her the fight song and he's already read her Yertle the Turtle, so she's getting started off on the right foot.

Rana is now about 3 weeks old and looking good. She isn't home yet, but she will be soon!

Rana when I visited her last week.

She held my finger!

Daddy and Rana

The happy (and cute) parents at a baby shower.
Caleb getting ready to meet RJ

Little toesies

The first time I met her.
Me and my little niece for our first meeting.

She's adorable. Not sure if I mentioned that. I love her.