Friday, July 29, 2011

Here at the BBC!

Sometimes I wonder why I didn't get to know people sooner. For instance, after counseling church camp for two weeks and getting to know some amazing people who had been there before along with me, I couldn't figure out how I had never met them until this year.

For starters, there's the girl I bonded with over Harry Potter wands, deep talks about God and heaven while we star-gazed, discussing boys, and reading favorite Bible verses. It turns out that she and I were at church camp for about three years together. And we had always known of each other, but never knew each other.

Then there are the twins that started going to camp last year when I was a senior. We had never talked until I found out that they were planning on going to the same college as I was. Now it is insane to think that I had never known them before, because after the past two weeks, it feels like we've always been friends.

I can't forget to mention the girl who I was lucky enough to be in a cabin with for two weeks. She was also someone I had known of since last year. After fun talk as well as serious talk, I can now say that she is my friend!

There are many others who I have met this year at camp who are just as special to me as the people I mentioned. And now I wait to see how these friendships will grow in my life. I believe that God puts people in your life for a reason. I just can't wait to find out for what reasons that these beautiful people are in my life! (Other than inspiring me, helping me to grow closer to God, and contributing to my wonderful two weeks at camp!)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Happenings from babysitting

There are two fantastic kids that I get to babysit every so often. Both are boys. Automatically it seems like a fairly tough job, which it is. However, these kids are some of the funniest boys I know. Most of the time it isn't intentional...that's the best part.

Earlier this summer, we were talking about how we wished that it would snow in June! The boys said that they could build snowmen really well. In fact, they made a giant snowman this winter! And guess how big it was!

"It was bigger than daddy, and he's 40!!"

These boys are also supposed to go outside and play for a while when it isn't too hot or too rainy. But, they really like to play Wii. One day, I told them that if they played outside for 30 minutes in the morning, they could play Wii right after. So we all went outside and started jumping on the trampoline. A couple minutes in, the youngest boy says, "I need to go to the bathroom, I'll be right back!" So, he left and the oldest boy and I kept on jumping. After about 5 minutes, we noticed that he had been gone a while. The oldest boy said, "I bet he is playing the Wii!!"

We decided to investigate. We climbed off the trampoline and walked back inside. And sure enough, there was the youngest boy, sitting on the couch, shoes kicked off, playing the Wii!! I asked, "Did you go use the bathroom?" To which he replied, "Oh! I forgot."

Another instance of just how much they like the Wii...I came in one morning and one of the first things their mother told me was that they had to play outside before they could play Wii. Right after she left, I noticed a sign had been put up underneath the TV saying, "Today is a Wii day." I was almost fooled.

The oldest boy loooooves Star Wars. Every time I talk to him he tells me about Darth Maul, Annakin, and Yoda. The last time I babysat, we watched some of the newest animated TV series based on Star Wars. He turned to me and said, "Have you ever watched Star Wars?" When I told him I had, he was shocked! "You've seen it? But you're old!"

My favorite of all their moments, though, was one day when their dad came home early. We had been playing outside and when the youngest one saw his dad pull in the driveway, he said, "Please don't go! I want you to stay just a little bit longer!"