Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Today I got to baby-sit (or as I used to say when I was their age, kid-sit) my tiny friends G and B!  I wanted to share some of my favorite quotes and events from today, because it never fails that they entertain me with their talk.

“You can never have too much yogurt.”-B after his second helping of yogurt.  He had one more before I left at 3:30.  When we saw an Activia commercial while watching cartoons, he went and got some yogurt out of the fridge and brought it out to me singing, “Activiaaaa,” like a true stud.  I hope this is a pick-up line he uses in the future.  “Hey girl, you look under the weather. Have some Activia.”

“Wait, stand still.  There’s a wasp.  They can smell fear out in these parts.”-G while we were on the trampoline.  I don’t think he was trying to sound as Crocodile Hunter-esque as he did.

My favorite question of the day was from B, asking, “What is a moonstone?” while looking through his Pok√©mon book.  I may not be a great mentor for youth, but I sure can lay out some poke-knowledge for you.  He continued to ask what different things mean like, “What is a link trade?” and “What does it mean when it says that it evolves based on friendship?” 

And finally, “Is that cookie really going to take 3 hours and 32 minutes?”  B saw the real time on the oven and confused it for the baking time.  Classic. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Dogs Are Training Me

This weekend I have been dog-sitting two of my favorite dogs for my brother and sister, and this is what I have learned:

  • I need to be accompanied to the bathroom at all times.  Potty breaks, face washes, and mirror glances are no longer to be private events.
  • If I am outside with the dogs, I am outside touching the dogs.  Sitting out in the sun is unacceptable unless A) I am petting the dogs or B) Their heads or paws are on my legs in an effort to acquire A).721260766_2575727559_0
  • Dining should also not take place alone.  One dog must have a head in my lap while I make and eat anything.
  • If I insist on working out, my workout area must be framed by the dogs laying down so I know my boundaries.  Kicking the dogs is unacceptable.721260898_2575728007_706606251_1337665536521
  • I cannot blame the dogs for passing foul-smelling gas, because he who smelt it dealt it.
  • It does not matter at what time I went to bed, it is imperative that I wake when the dogs do, whether it be 5 or 7 in the morning.
  • Laying down to watch anything on TV is useless, unless I want to listen to a show while watching dogs try to lick my face.
  • No matter how frustrated I get with the dogs, I can never hold anything against them because they are too stinkin’ cute.